Hi there, my name is Alex!

I’ve been helping motivated students to improve their English to a higher level since 2009 in London.

I currently teach students in the lovely city of Paris and enjoy engaging with them as they discover this wonderful language of ours. I’ve also been teaching online for the last two years.

I strongly believe that the most effective way to work with a student is if they are highly motivated and have ACTIONABLE GOALS to reach when learning the English language.

I also believe that it is essential for a person learning English is having an environment which obligates you to learn (no matter whatever else is going on in your life at the moment)

I believe that learning to improve and speak faster is all down to being willing to jump in and get into the language very quickly in a fun yet disciplined kind of way.

Oh, one other thing. It helps if you actually like the language, the culture and are fascinated by it in general!


My journey in English teaching started in London, when I began teaching students in the evenings almost by accident. I was actually working as an IT and facilities manager at the time, but I was beginning to find my job unsatisfactory. I found out even though it was a good job, I was not very engaged in what I was doing.I started actually looking for something else. I then stumbled onto teaching by accident and decided to try teaching some kids in English. I found out that it was not only engaging but also liberating because I could interact more naturally with all people. Much later, I decided to switch to teaching adults which proved to be equally if not more interesting.This was because I could use my previous experiences in many different industries to relate to different kinds of students. These students also found this also helpful as they could explain particular situations to me in their businesses which I would understand and explain to them how to fix them very quickly.

I then moved to Paris where I began helping Business clients to improve the English-language communication. It’s been going well since then and I find that it is such an interesting subject for the learners here.

I completed my professional teacher training at the same time, where I received my TEFL certificate to teach English to professional students and clients.

I also hold a teacher’s certificate to teach students on the duolingo programme.

I now spend most of my free time with my family around the Parisian districts and suburbs appreciating arts, music, and sport. As you can imagine it’s a great place to be able to do these activites!



I created this website ACES ( which is an acronym for Accelerate your Communication in English Successfully) for intermediate to Advanced English learners. This means it’s for you if you already have a proficient knowledge of basic grammar and Intermediate skills in English language learning.

Not sure? check your level here:

The word ‘Ace’ in general also means the ability to excels at a particular activity. In this case English learning and communication. If you ace something it means you have completed the work to a high standard. This is what I want for you to achieve with your English.

I discovered that the fundamental problem that my students have is: how can they improve their English with clear information that helps them reach their goals faster? That is what this website is going to help you do.

It is also for them to be able to practice their speaking skills more and sound like an interesting human, not a frustrated speaker. It is for those who want to improve their English communication in faster time.

However to be able to achieve your English goals faster, you need to be motivated and have your goals defined :

So are you motivated to succeed? Do you have your goal that you want to reach?

If you’re not sure of your goals or the right strategies to ‘ace’ your challenges?