Free tools to use to improve

It’s a good idea to find materials that help you increase your vocabulary and fluency  in English. On this page you’ll find some resources and tools you can use to help maintain or increase your level:

1.  Verb Macmillan Wheel

You need to revise and practice your irregular verbs as much as you can when working on your English and this is one of the best ways out there to do that. This tool is a game in the form of a big wheel which randomly spins and chooses verbs for you to practice on. You try to remember the right tenses for the right questions. It has a timer which gives you only two minutes to complete a game and get a score. What I like about this is that you gets to practice using verbs very quickly to get higher scores and this helps with you communicating faster.

here’s a screen shot of the game:

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To play  this game go to the link here:

or just type Macmillan verb wheel in google to get free access.

2. Word reference

This is a great online dictionary that translates single words from English to most languages and also gives examples sentences or phrases of how they can be used. It can also sometimes translate phrasal verbs which makes it a great tool to have when you need to know the meaning or sense of these kind of verbs or phrases. It doesn’t translate full sentences though only single words and phrases.

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Here’s the link:


3. Duolingo

One of the biggest challenges for you to becoming a high level speaker is to create and maintain the habit of using English for a continuous period time.

This is the secret to rapid progress, that is what you are willing to do everyday for a period of time( For between one month to three months for example ) Duolingo supports the gamification theory that if you enjoy playing casinos games and can do it everyday you can create a positive habit with English.

The whole idea of the training is like taking a ‘virtual class’ for a semester but just by playing this game of improving your english. It’s not difficult but requires you to focus so you don’t make mistakes. Doing this for 15 minutes a day for 30 days at least will complement your other English activities without having to take extra time out to practice. It works on mobiles (apps) and iPads meaning as long as you have an internet connection you can play anywhere. I know many people who use their travel time on public transport to occupy themselves with this game. It’s better to open a profile account to monitor your progress or to play with friends who are also practicing themselves

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